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Five Reasons to be a Pirate

Free Learnin’


Knowledge should be free.

Fee FreeOften, even once you have paid your tuition fees to take part on a University course, you are still expected to buy course kits or other materials such as reference or work books. It is not uncommon for Lecturers to be discouraged from including course kits or other materials in with their own course material as then the Students will not buy the course kits. It is entirely profit-driven. As a solution, some students would photocopy or scan and upload their bought materials for others.

Similarly secondary schools continue to use the same course books for GCSE for several years running and elder siblings often pass down their old books to save their parents coughing up the cash.

This is sharing. This is piracy. Piracy is not theft.


Free stuff!

Propitiatory Software is too expensive.

As an example, Adobe Photoshop is often taught as the standard image manipulation or graphics editor, both in academia and the industry. This puts people in a difficult situation of either having to learn a whole new package such as GIMP from scratch or pay what is currently a £102.30 annual subscription to Adobe. Adobe acknowledge their overwhelmingly high price for this software and generously offer a £8.57 per month payment plan instead but seem perplexed when people still pirate their software.

These problems are mirrored for Microsoft Operating Systems and software packages like Microsoft Office. Microsoft recently announced it would give a free Win10 upgrade, even to Pirates! So perhaps Piracy is no longer the ultimate sin?

It is simply not right for a company to hold entire industries and schools to ransom with their deliberately and unnecessarily astronomically high subscription fees.

This is about fairness. This is piracy. Piracy is not morally wrong.


Can’t copy copyright but can copy copyleft (whew!)

The “Intellectual monopoly”.

CopyrightBig corporations control their competition or would-be competition by purchasing a product from a smaller company and shelve it. Why? So they can continue to sell their product without competition and charge unfair prices all the while withhold a possibly superior product. This holds our society back for their own greed.

Copyright law undoubtedly needs reform but until that happens, piracy will be the solution by using the shelved restricted software or our own versions of it.

Breaking the monopoly. This is Piracy. Piracy breeds progress.


Every call you take, every text you make, they’ll be watching you~

Our right to Privacy.

When companies like Netflix and Sony offer us entertainment services, we pay a fee. However, we should not be expected to pay with our personal data being leaked all over the Internet. 250000 Netflix users’ e-mails and passwords were hacked around the 26th December 2014. Sony on the other hand is constantly being hacked, leaving our passwords in an easily accessible, internet-connected server, within a folder called “passwords”.

Additionally we may want to view materials anonymously. This would be difficult if we are asked to enter credit card information.

Piracy for Privacy. Piracy allows security.


Theft is stealing. Piracy is copying. Piracy is not theft.

PiracyMarch 4th 2011, Notch, creator of Minecraft announced his belief that Piracy cannot be considers theft and that smart game developers should view people who pirate games as potential customers.

He is on record for saying “If you steal a car, the original is lost. If you copy a game, there are simply more of them in the world”.

The world of eSports is also indebted to Piracy. Instead of each player being expected to trunk around their entire CD library of games to each social event or tournament, we employed the use of No-CD patches which were a hack to allow us to play the game, once installed, without inserting the original CD.

They’ll never convince me lending a book, movie or game to a friend is such a heinous crime.

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