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Buying Rights to Profit from Wrongs

Pirate Party's Deputy Leader/Spokesperson for Wales here, showing how Martin Shkreli gives you a perfect reason to be a Pirate. Buying Rights to Profit from Wrongs


You need a new party

David tells you why you need a new political party. You Need a New Party


Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone

David gives thanks to fellow Pirates and activists: Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone


The Rise of the Welsh Pirates

David gives full coverage of The Count in Bridgend from election night and what those frist 106 Pirate votes in Wales really mean. The Rise of the Welsh Pirates


GE2015 – The Betrayal of the TUSC

In this blog piece David covers his experiences and observations of the TUSC within the Bridgend constituency. The Betrayal of the TUSC



David A Elston explains #WhyPirate #WhyPirate


Be the change you want to see

For the latest in Bridgend, check David's blog post for what he has to say about the protests, fees and cuts to education here: Be the Change You Want to See


Why I’m not a Green

David Anthony Elston answers the reoccurring question of "Why aren't you a Green?" in this latest blog piece: Why I'm not a Green


Illegal Vaginas

On March 27th the Department of Health reaffirmed its guidelines on FGM. Here is Jeb's blog about it: Illegal Vaginas


Pirate Party Wins General Election

BREAKING NEWS: The Pirate Party has won the 2015 General Election!   Here are six things you can expect from your new Pirate Democracy.   Your Internet connection would be faster than the Black Pearl herself Internet speeds would increase, prices would drop! Our digital economy would boom – creating jobs for everyone! Internet censorship wouldn't exist any more and you won't have to wait through anti-piracy ads before watching a movie. Oh... and public WiFi will be free. ...


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