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Reclaiming Democracy

When the Government is elected under an unfair system and does not rule by consent of a majority it's time to reclaim democracy.  The following piece is published with the endorsement of the Pirate Party UK, Something New, Young People's Party UK and Charlotte Rose – Independent. The Government isn't a corporation you can opt not to give your money to. They're not a service provider you can leave a bad review with and swap out and they're not going away any time soon. So how do we reclaim ...


Bridgend vs Fracking

David has signed the frack-free promise. Will you oppose fracking in Bridgend by voting Pirate? Read his latest blog post on fracking here.


A Secular State

David A Elston shows support for a Secular State in this latest blog piece.   A Secular State


The Merits of Creativity Beyond Commercial

Jebediah Hedges' blog on why we should not think of the arts as an entirely money making venture. The Merits of Creativity Beyond Commercial


The Investment Evader

Blog entry from David A Elston on the hot topic of Tax Evasion.   The Investment Evader


Spycops – The Mass Surveillance From Within

Blog entry from David A Elston on Spycops at a recent protest in Cardiff outside of the Cardiff Central Police Station. Spycops


Working Inside the Music Industry

Our new Welsh Pirate Jebediah Hedges shares a thought on his experience working inside the Music Industry. Pirates are just your next customer. Working Inside the Music Industry Catch more of his blogs here: Jeb's Blog


Five Reasons to be a Pirate

Free Learnin'   Knowledge should be free. Often, even once you have paid your tuition fees to take part on a University course, you are still expected to buy course kits or other materials such as reference or work books. It is not uncommon for Lecturers to be discouraged from including course kits or other materials in with their own course material as then the Students will not buy the course kits. It is entirely profit-driven. As a solution, some students would photocopy or scan and u...


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