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We need your help

If you have ideas on fundraising or something that will be useful for us, please get in touch! Pirate Party Wales branch is built from grass root supporters like you!

Where your money goes

  • £1 to produce an “issue poster” for the party
  • £5 can keep this site active for a month
  • £10 to produce 500 letters or targeted leaflets to deliver to people in Wales
  • £500 can go a deposit to stand candidates in a parliamentary election
  • £1,500 to produce the letters needed contact every voter in a constituency using the election mail out
  • £1000 to produce and deliver additional information about our candidates and the Pirate Party to people in the constituencies we stand in

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Contact Us

Contact the Pirate Party Wales distribution list for any one of our valued Pirates to get back to you

Spokesperson for Wales

David A Elston





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Account no: 00383120
Be sure to put "Leek" in the reference!

Don't forget to let us know if you've donated so we can thank you!