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Bridgend Constituency

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The degree of neglect Bridgend has been dealt cannot be left to continue.


We need to reclaim democracy by putting a Pirate in Parliament!



David A Elston is standing as Candidate for Bridgend.

Currently David is the single candidate standing for Bridgend that collectively:

  • Has agreed with VoteBike‘s ambition, funding, design standards, safety and promotion recommendations
  • Has signed the CAMRA’s Manifesto to support well-run community pubs and the 1300 breweries in the UK
  • Has taken the Nursing Counts pledge to improve patient care, value nursing and invest in health and care
  • Has promised Greenpeace he will oppose fracking
  • Has declared full support for the Trans Manifesto to regard trans individuals as equal citizens
  • Has committed to support the Non-Binary election campaign
  • Has pledged he will put his constituents before any other interest, including his own party to FVVRA
  • Has pledged to implement SIMPOL alongside other governments
  • Has shown full support for Carers Trust‘s policies
  • Has elected to be an Age Champion MP with AgeUK.
  • Has shown full support to the Animals Matter campaign.


David is an Official Pirate Party UK candidate but is also a recommended candidate by the political party Something New.

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David with his Manifesto Delivery Device




I have asked local councillors on how the fracking test bore holes were permitted in Myther Mawr and Ogmore. A Conservative councillor was the only one to make comment, which was he didn’t know enough about fracking so he was staying out of it. These are the people who are meant to be fighting for us!


Our constituency is covered with litter due to the poorly negotiated recycling contract and ill fitting containers. We’re not protecting the environment with our waste being wind blasted through our streets.

Dog Fowling

The dog fowling in our streets is prolific. Waste bins need to be provided and the local police need to be aware of the most problematic areas, such as the school run so penalties can be enforced.

Porthcawl Seafront

The tarmac that has been spread across the beach blights Porthcawl. Waterfronts all across the UK have dealt with sea defences without resorting to such ugly measures. This should be removed and colosseum-style steps put down to replace it.




Our oversubscribed schools such as Maes yr Haul had ample land to expand but instead the land was sold for expensive housing, increasing the child population, putting the school in an increasingly difficult situation. When housing is built, it needs to take into consideration the existing infrastructure and be affordable.


Bridgend roads are filled with traffic jams and pot holes because of the strain that comes with extra houses when no infrastructure expansion has been put in place. The town needs to be able to support the people who live here.

We need to put an end to the ridiculous parking conditions that make Bridgend especially difficult to get around. Parking restriction signs are not correctly advertised in line with the guidance resulting in unlawful ticket offences and plans that create bottlenecks on new housing estates are approved without question.

Mobile Signal

Dead zones in Bridgend are prolific. Many mobile phone carriers cannot provide decent coverage around Bridgend and are especially poor at providing 3G+ mobile data transfer rates for Internet access. Mobile phone signal tower infrastructure providers need to be pressured into providing better infrastructure and mobile phone service carriers need to assist in this pressure. In areas where signal towers will not be installed, Femtocell (small cell) devices should be provided free of charge to make 3G+ signal available through a broadband connection.


Community Cohesion

While we are fortunate to have lower theft and car crime figures than some of our neighbouring constituencies, anti-social behaviour on Bridgend’s large housing estates such as Brackla and Broadlands shows quite high. Better community communication and awareness should be promoted though these areas.



We have a Labour Party not fighting for workers rights, we have a Conservative Party dismantling our services with cuts, a Liberal Democrat Party voting in policies they swore they would reject, UKIP constantly suspending their officials and the Greens in Bridgend are either parachuting in a candidate or not announcing one. We are in drastic need of a practical and feasible alternative nationally from someone who understands the local problems.

We need to think different
We need to vote different.
We need to vote pirate!



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