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Pirate Party Wins General Election

BREAKING NEWS: The Pirate Party has won the 2015 General Election!   Here are six things you can expect from your new Pirate Democracy.   Your Internet connection would be faster than the Black Pearl herself Internet speeds would increase, prices would drop! Our digital economy would boom – creating jobs for everyone! Internet censorship wouldn't exist any more and you won't have to wait through anti-piracy ads before watching a movie. Oh... and public WiFi will be free. ...


Five Reasons to be a Pirate

Free Learnin'   Knowledge should be free. Often, even once you have paid your tuition fees to take part on a University course, you are still expected to buy course kits or other materials such as reference or work books. It is not uncommon for Lecturers to be discouraged from including course kits or other materials in with their own course material as then the Students will not buy the course kits. It is entirely profit-driven. As a solution, some students would photocopy or scan and u...


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