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National Ban on Fracking

While in the rest of the UK a national halt and review of fracking may be preferred over a ban, Wales should apply a national complete ban on fracking.

Wales already creates a surplus of energy so even if the fracking process could be conducted safely, it is unnecessary and will still blight Green belt areas.

Fair Planning

Private bills should not circumvent planning consent from the relevant Welsh Local Authorities and should not be approved by Parliament if the planning and eventual development in an English Constituency affects the Environment in a Welsh Constituency.

I.E. the iconic case of the flooding of Capel Celyn village for the creation of the Llyn Celyn Reservoir despite 35/36 Welsh MPs voting against it and English MP votes out voting them.

Halt on Animal Culling

Animal culling in Wales is to be rejected as a solution against such things as bovine TB where a vaccination is available. The evidence shows that even mass culling does not have any significant affect on bovine TB numbers while vaccination does.

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